innfatuation asked: hey I live in San Jose and I'm going to sunrise as well. I just saw your post about nt having a ride... if I was coming from Santa Cruz I would totally give you a ride but it's really out of the way for me to drive there and get you so I had an idea if you take the highway 17 bus down to San Jose sometime Saturday afternoon, and then get on the VTA bus once you get down, it'll take you right infront of the civic center! hope this helped! if you see me come say hi!

Oh hey!

I’m not going to sunrise this year, as much as I’d love to but I’m more set on sunset/safe in sound as well as bassnectar in sf.

I did take transit in the past to wobbleland though. It was fun and I ended up at a hotel afterparty with a couple friends and it was a blast!

Have fun at sunrise!